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Outsider Artist Inside, 2016
Kulttuurikeskus Vanha Paukku, Lapua, Finland
28 found chairs, framed digital prints
dimensions: 4.9 x 3.2 metres

Developed from a chance discovery of a vast cache of 100 year old wooden school chairs, each with a name burnt into it’s back, in an abandoned schoolhouse in Lapua, Finland.

The installation is an uncomfortably leaning pyramid of chairs, 5 metres high. The life of the person whose name is burnt into the two weigh-bearing chairs is arranged in frames on the floor across from the pyramid as an altar to the efforts of the artist as amateur anthropologist.

This exploration of the unknown examines the archival indexing of the past, particularly on the internet that allows one to interact with foreign places and objects with no knowledge of local customs and language, an interaction which often leads to potentialities of misrepresentation.

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