Permanent Vacation, 2020
Podium, Oslo
billy bookshelves, fresh flowers, sunbed, beachtowel, rose cremant, Communist Manifesto, beach towel, mesh fabric, resin, gold earring, gold Russian Orthodox baptismal cross, footbal scarf, Hermes bracelet, doormat, shower curtain

‘Permanent Vacation’ features a series of
installation works where global systems and
present pasts materialize in objects of daily
use. These comfort commodities speak in
intellectually ambivalent voices, with conviction.
They don’t speak the same language; the shower
curtain doesn’t understand the doormat; the
scarf is too clever for the radical beach towel.
This merchandise for the end of the world is the
product of cultural mutation, substantive debris
of digital production. When contemporaneity’s
fragments shower down, protection is offered
beneath a pile of material choice.

photos: Julie Hrnčířová

©2020 Anton Benois